Niels Vincentz

saxophonist, composer, educator

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Latest Work

Something For Someone

New Release on NiCe Productions

A multi-generational constellation, featuring my long-time collaborator Jabali, Billy Hart on drums. Jacob Artved is co--leader, and he brought bassplayer David Wong to the group. The recorded material is almost exclusively original and we think of this record as a love letter to all the people who cares for intuitive and playful, soulful music. Or modern jazz.

More Info

Going Easy

Coming on NiCe Productions this spring

Recorded in 2021 the album contains original pieces from all band members.

Here's link to the first single, "Going Easy", written by Anders Mogensen!'

Line Up:

Niels Vincentz, saxophone

Danny Grissett, piano

Josh Ginsburg, bass

Anders Mogensen, drums

About Me

I've been improvising since the first day I held an instrument, and I consider music part of my DNA, a lifeline, a spiritual practice and a super interesting and meaningful way to connect to other humans, animals, trees and funghi. Especially humans, though.

In my life as a musician I have had the good fortune to play, record and tour with some of the planets leading creative forces in improvised music. These include Billy Hart, Tom Harrell, Chris Potter, Aaron Parks, Danny Grissett and Cameron Brown.

Also I have let my voice be heard on the Danish Jazzscene for more than 25 years, working with many great people from many generations.

I just got this page up and running after a few years with very little online presence. I will be adding new pages on a regular basis - stay tuned!


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