Niels Vincentz

saxophonist, composer, educator

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  • I founded "Djursland International Jazzfestival" in the area where I live in Denmark.

In 2024 it will happen from Oct. 30. - Nov. 3.

Concerts! Movies! Artist Talks!

  • New release coming up! A duo recording with Danny Grissett playing an extraordinary Steinway grand! Recorded in Vienna. Release date later this spring. Singles begin to drop soon!

Something For Someone

NiCe Productions

A multi-generational constellation, featuring Billy Hart on drums, co-leader Jacob Artved and last but not least bassplayer David Wong.

The material is with one exception all original. We like to think of this recording as a love letter to the people out there who cares for intuitive and soulful music.

Info and gallery

"Night Bird" from "Something For Someone":

Latest Releases

Going Easy

NiCe Productions

Recorded in 2021 the album contains original pieces from all band members.

Full album available for streaming:

Line Up:

Niels Vincentz, saxophone

Danny Grissett, piano

Josh Ginsburg, bass

Anders Mogensen, drums


Music and improvising has always been part of my DNA, a lifeline, a spiritual practice and a pretty interesting and meaningful way to connect.

In my life as a musician I have had the good fortune to play, record and tour with some of the planets leading creative forces of improvised music. Billy Hart, Tom Harrell, Chris Potter, Aaron Parks, Danny Grissett and Cameron Brown, to name a few.

I've been on the Danish Jazzscene for 25 years+, working with many of the beautiful musicians here.


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