Something For Someone

Line up:

Niels Vincentz, saxophone

Jacob Artved, guitar

David Wong, bass

Billy Hart, drums

The recording was done in STC-studio in Copenhagen on Oct 21. 2021 during a tour.

We decided to record in a circle, with everybody in the same room. To get closer to a live feeling.

It is risky, since the editing possibilities are few, but the rewards can be equally high, and the music often benefits from recording like this. The first recording I did with Billy Hart in 1999 was recorded this way.

We mostly did first takes, and as for the intimacy, interaction and feeling - you be the judge. We were happy with the session. So far it´s been released digitally on my own label "NiCe Productions". We are considering releasing it on vinyl and cd also. Someday/Maybe.

If you are curious about the tunes you can read the liner notes below. Most of the tunes are originals. The Danish National Jazz Radio P8 put one of the tracks, "Night Bird" in rotation. I'll keep you posted here, if some interesting reviews ticks in.

I used my "new old horn", a Selmer Cigarcutter from the 1930´s on all the tracks. The sound is killing, and it really projects well, even though it's a bit clunky.

Studio_North_Niels_Vincentz_040 1

Photos by Matt Burghess, Studionorth

Liner notes

by Ulrik Bisgaard

When listening to Artved-Vincentz Quartet’s new album, 'Something For Someone', you get an experience out of the ordinary. An extremely deep groove combined with strong, catchy compositions are being delivered by musicians dedicated to the joy of interplay, and the desire to listen and give space to each other. The music breathes freely and goes where it wants, from solid blues to pure-hearted ethereal revelations. 'Something for Someone' is an open love letter to those with a heart beating for soulful, intuitive music.

The Artved-Vincentz Quartet is the epitome of New York Jazz and a cross-generational constellation. With almost 60 years between the oldest and the youngest musician, the orchestra proves that jazz is a timeless art form that inspires and unites across generations. The four distinctive jazz voices from Denmark and the USA has New York City as a common denominator: Both Vincentz and Artved have been part of the New York scene for extended periods. Due to this they could invite two prominent musicians from the city to join the band: drum legend Billy Hart, Vincentz' regular partner for more than a decade and David Wong, Artved's favorite bass player.

The journey to the release of 'Something For Someone' has been a tour de force: Twice during the pandemic, a fully planned tour was cancelled, and when they finally succeeded to kick off a tour in 2021, they had to rush on stage for the first concert without prior rehearsal, as the orchestra's bus broke down on the way. From the opening note, however, it was clear that the bandleaders had hit the mark insisting on this constellation. Vincentz later stated: “I almost passed out when hearing Billy and David play the first tune. It swung harder than anything I recall ever hearing!” The album 'Something for Someone' reveals numerous layers if you listen carefully.

Still Walking (Vincentz) is composed after a long period of illness expressing a sigh of relief and a wonder about still being here.

Pablo (Artved) is a straight and funky tune in memory of Artved's four-legged friend.

Sincerity (Artved) is a rubato, floaty ballad with a collective feeling.

Coltrane's Little Helper (Vincentz) is both a tribute to the great John Coltrane and to his favourite book of study: ‘Thesaurus of scales and melodic patterns’ by Nicolas Slonimsky.

Night Bird is the albums’ only cover tune. It stems from Enrico Pieranunzi's collaboration with Chet Baker, and the theme's melodic qualities are obvious. A perfect starting point for improvisation and a slow-medium night atmosphere. “Nightcap anyone?”

Something for Someone (Artved) was originally a working title, but it stuck with Vincentz and Artved due to its open endedness.

Blake's Task (Vincentz) is also the title of a poem by William Blake, describing the artist's task: to open the viewer's eyes inwards towards the divine in man.

Blues in the Shower (Artved) A theme that emerged during the almost meditative state that

a shower can induce.